frequently asked questions

No, Bext is a company focused on the BEST EXPERIENCE, that offers a vary of Premium services according to the Client’s needs, avoiding the hassle of any Bug Box rental car companies.

Everything is done from before you receive your unit and you get what you’ve reserved. Ex: We deliver/picked up the unit to/from your designated place (Hotel, AirBnB, B&B, etc). Also we offer a variety of accessories to make your travel one unique experience.  

Yes, Bext guarantees the unit reserved. By making the payment at the booking moment, the selected vehicle is pulled off from the Fleet to avoid any overlapping/oversold and all the common mistakes that the National rental car companies usually make.

Yes, rate/total is guaranteed for the first 24 hrs., but what is not guaranteed is the availability until you confirm your reservation and process the payment.

1) Until 7 days prior to rental: Full Refund.
2) Between 7 to 0 days prior to the rental starts: 1 day penalty.
3) No show/no call: No Refund.
4) Date changes can be made at any time with no penalties.

Unless otherwise stated, the rental quote/price displayed on the final page when booking includes:

  • Daily rate
  • Statutory taxes
  • Additional extras (if selected)
  • All surcharges and fees (if applicable)
  • Basic cleaning Fees
Cash is not accepted at BEXT.
Credit and Debit cards are accepted. 

Minimum age required is 25 years old. But, you can rent from 21 years old by paying the additional coverage required.

Each policy is different, and it is best to contact your auto protection provider to find out if there are exclusions and to ensure you are covered for the type of vehicle you are renting. It is also important that you consider what the cost would be out of pocket if you had damage and had to file a claim with your personal insurance Information about your carrier may be requested at the time of rental. Ex: Some Insurance carriers in some states covers the claim but doesn’t cover the “loss rent” of the vehicle while getting fixed, and that cost will be responsibility of the Renter. 

ANo, BEXT maintains a 100% smoke-free fleet in the US and any type of smoking (pipe, cigarette, cigar, Vape, recreational drugs) is prohibited in all our vehicles. We will charge an extra cleaning fee from $500 and up to the renter if a returned vehicle requires special cleaning to remove any odor or evidence of smoking. 

All vehicles must be refueled to the same level that you received at the time of pick up. We also offer prepaid fuel options, where we fill up for you. This way, you can get a much better deal on gas and save time. If you are running late to return your car and you could not refuel or chose not to pre-pay your fuel, bring back the vehicle, and we can refuel it for a small service fee.

If new damage is discovered on the vehicle, it will be noted when the vehicle is returned. Our Claims Department will investigate the damage claim and you will be charged the applicable cost of repair unless you purchased the Insurance Protection and complied with the rental Terms and Conditions.